Friday, 10 June 2011

The five elements(panchamahabhutas)

Ayurvedic philosophy on the creation of life and its approach to the causes, prevention and treatment of any illness, hinger on the five elements or building blocks of life. In Sanskrit these are known as the 'panchamahabhutas'.

This philosophy teaches us that every substance in the universe whether animate or inanimate, is composed of the same five subtle elements - ether, air, afire, water and earth.

Understanding the five elements and how they work

Energy - represented by air and ether - is needed for us to move our limbs, for our senses to function and for the process of respiration.  The fire element drives all our biochemical functions such as digestion and the transformation of waste. Earth and water are the basis of all physical matter, liquid or solid, such as our muscles, bones, blood and plasma.

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