Friday, 10 June 2011

Ayurveda massages

Ayurvedic oil massage

Giving yourself a full-body oil massage will greatly help to reduce anxiety. Vatas should use sesame oil, pittas sunflower or coconut oil, kaphas, corn oil. Use 6 or 7 ounces of warmed-up(not hot) oil, and rub it over your whole body from head to toes. Ordinarily this massage is done before the morning bath, but if you have high anxiety or insomnia, you can also do it before going to bed.

A mini massage is also effective:using the appropriate oil for your constitution, rub some on your scalp and spend a few minutes rubbing the bottom of your feet.

Making self-massage part of your daily routine

Self massage is something we can all build into our daily lives.Ideally give yourself an all over massage with warm oil before showering in the morning. If you are suffering from stress, a soothing massage before bed is a must.

Massage not only makes you feel good, it stimulates and energizes the mind and body, slows the ageing process, soften superficial and deep tissues, nourishes the nervous system and improves the skin and complexion, as well as easing conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and sinusitis.

Used daily, massage really can help you to cope better with everyday pressures  by making you feel more relaxed, focused , energized, and resilient.

When choosing aromatherapy essences, keep in mind that sweet, floral fragrances tend to balance Vata and Pitta, while spicy, pungent scents work best for kapha dosha.

Apply about 200-300 ml of warm oil all over the body, starting with the head and working downwards. Leave the oils on for 30minutes before having a both or shower. Remember to tailor your massage technique to suit your constitution, using gentle strokes for Vata and more vigorous one for Kapha types

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